Custom Print & Engraving Service

Thermal Transfer Printers and a large format Industrial Laser Engraving Machine provide Industrial Labelling Solutions the flexibility to Custom Print & Engrave a comprehensive range of labels, marker plates and signs in a variety of sizes, materials, font styles and colours. We offer a complete range of wire markers, cable labels, cable markers including laser etched stainless steel cable markers for cable Identification in harsh industrial environments.
The products below are available either as part of our Custom Print & Engraving Service or as part of your own Print on Demand system enabling you to print labels on site as required.
The following links will take you to the relevant page/s of our catalogue for our range of thermal print products. A hard copy catalogue is available upon request.

Cable Markers & Cable Core Markers

Wire Markers, Wire Core Markers or Wire Ferrule Labels are made of a durable PVC material and are available in a range of sizes from 10 to 40mm in length to suit all Wire Marking, Ferrule Marking and Core Marking applications for all Electrical labelling, Instrumentation labelling, Control Wiring and Cable Labelling requirements.

Have your Wire Markers, Wire Core Markers, Wire Ferrule Labels custom printed and we will even sleeve them for you! Got a large project and want to print your own Wire Markers, Cable Core Markers and Ferrule Labels? No Problem...Talk to us about our super easy to use, cost effective printers for all your Wire Marking and Cable Labelling requirements.  
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Want to print your own Wire and Cable Markers on site on demand? See our Wire Marking Printers Systems.


Cable Labels, Cable Markers, Cable Tags

Sleeveless Cable Labels & Sleeveless Cable Markers These durable yet economical sleeveless cable tags, sleeveless cable markers are made from PVC with cut outs at either end for easy insertion and fixing using cable ties. Sleeveless cable labels, Sleeveless cable markers can be custom printed with your cable numbers and provide the ideal indoor labelling solution for electrical, instrumentation, data and communications cable labelling.

Tie-on Sleeved Cable Markers and Sleeved Cable Label are made from the same durable plastic as the sleeveless cable markers but with the added protection of a CLEAR PVC protective sleeve to enhance the longevity of the cable marker and further protect your data. Tie- on Sleeved Cable Labels, Tie-on Sleeved Cable Markers are available in White or Yellow and a variety of lengths to accommodate a wide range of cable numbers providing the ideal solution for electrical & instrumentation cable labelling. These sleeved cable markers incorporate cut outs at either end of the clear sleeve making cable tie fixing a breeze.

 Have your Cable Markers Custom Printed and we will sleeve, assemble and bundle your Tie-On Cable Markers ready for installation!  
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Stainless Steel Cable Labels, Stainless Steel Cable Markers

Made of 316 Stainless Steel, our industrial strength Stainless Cable Markers, Stainless Cable Labels, Stainless Cable Tags are resistant to a range of chemicals, UV exposure and high temperatures making them ideal for all weather and all conditions, for both indoor and outdoor cable labelling applications. Stainless Steel Cable Labels, Stainless Steel Cable Markers, Stainless Steel Cable Tags are available in various sizes to accommodate your cable numbering requirements and are either as Laser Engraved stainless steel cable labels or Stamped Stainless Steel Cable labels both options are available under our custom printing service. All Stainless Steel Cable Markers, Stainless Steel Cable Tags, Stainless Steel Cable Labels have a raised section with cut outs at either end to facilitate cable tie fixing.

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Valve Tags & Instrument Tags

Valve Tags and Instrument Tags are available in a variety of materials including Printed Valve Tags, Engraved Valve Tags & Stainless Steel Valve Tags to suit all facets of Valve and Instrument labelling and identification. Our Vale Tag materials include plastic valve tags and stainless steel valves tags providing great long lasting solutions for all Valve labelling environments and budgets. Whether you require Printed Valve Tags for indoor applications or Engraved and Stainless Steel valve tags for outdoor harsh environments at Industrial Labelling Solutions we can cater for all you valve and Pipe Labelling requirements.

Our wide range of stocked Valve Tags ensures the shortest turnaround time for your Custom Marked Valve Tag orders with Australia Wide delivery.

We also offer a full range of Valve Tag mounting wire Ropes and Accessories.

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Engraved Plastic & Engraved Acrylic Labels

Engraved Labels are made from weather resistant and UV stabilized Acrylic, commonly referred to as Traffolyte labels or Engraved Plastic Labels. Engraved Labels are available in an extensive range of colour combinations, a variety of thicknesses and are fully customized to your requirements. Engraved Plastic labels, Engraved Acrylic labels, Engraved Traffolyte labels are suitable for electrical labels, switchboard labels, GPO Labels, Name plates, Data Plates and Rating plates. Engraved Traffolyte, Engraved Plastic and Engraved Acrylic labels are available with or without adhesive backing and customizable mounting holes.

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Cable Route Markers, Pit Markers, Trench Markers

Used for identifying underground pit contents and locations of electrical cables, conduits and pipes, our standard range of cable route markers, cable pit markers and trench markers are available in Brass, aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel for optimum durability.

Should you require a customised pit marker to meet your specifications, our laser cutting and guillotining services allow us to manufacture pit markers to meet all your specifications. Choose from a range of materials including Brass, Stainless Steel, Anodised Aluminium or let us print your pit marker on high visibility, reflective material.

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Metal Labels, Engraved, Laser Etched Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium Labels


Anodised Aluminium
Laser Etched Anodised Aluminium or Engraved Anodised Aluminium Labels are light weight, naturally corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, can withstand high temperatures and provide a cost effective alternative to Stainless steel labels. Anodised Aluminium is available in a range of colours and laser marking provides a light/white contrasting mark, making them ideal for name plates, rating plates and general outdoor labelling applications.

Brass Labels
Engraved Brass labels are ideal for underground cable marking and identification applications or where a more aesthetically pleasing label, name plate or plaque is required. Text of engraved brass labels is commonly paint filled to provide a striking contrast to the brass

Stainless Steel Labels

Engraved 316 Stainless Steel labels and laser etched stainless steel tags are most widely used for electrical labels, mechanical Labels and general site equipment labels across the industrial sector.

The durability of 316 Stainless Steel makes it the optimum choice for heavy industrial, marine and chemical environments, withstanding prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and UV conditions.

Stainless Steel Labels can be Laser etched with a dark, easily legible and long lasting mark, or Mechanically Engraved with paint filled text where a specific colour or multiple coloured text is required.

A wide range of common sized Stainless Steel Labels and Tags are held in stock to ensure the shortest turnaround time for your Custom Engraved Label orders with delivery Australia Wide.

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Signs, Stickers & Printed Labels


Manufactured using quality outdoor rated materials in a wide range of colours and materials, our printed signs, stickers and adhesive labels are created on modern, state of the art digital printers. Choose from a range of standard safety and site signage or customise your printed signs, labels or adhesive stickers to your requirements. Our materials include standard labels material colours and specialised Class 2 Reflective materials for higher visibility application for site Safety and Sanger Signs.

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Electrical/Data Labels, GPO Labels, Faceplate/ Outlet Labels, Patch Panel Labels


Engraved labels for labelling GPO’s both indoor and outdoor are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.
Data & Communications faceplates, outlets and Patch panels. With high quality self-Adhesive backing.
All labels are supplied as standard with Self-adhesive backing for easy application.

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