Wire & Cable Marker Printers & Manual Systems

The Cembre range of Thermal Transfer Wire Marker Printers are designed specifically for the Electrical industry, providing operation, functionality along with a full range of labels and markers designed around the industries requirements.

Cembre’s Marking Genius MGII, Rolly2000 Thermal Transfer Printers and Marking Genius labelling software have been designed as easy to use, yet highly capable of supporting the functionality required to allow the detailed importing of data and text for printing Wire and Cable labels directly from cable schedules. This importing functionality makes creating label files an easy and accurate process reducing time and errors from manual data input.

Markingenius® MG2

The Markingenius® MG2 has been exclusively designed for the printing Wire Markers, Cable Markers and Labels for Electrical, Control Panel and Switchboard building applications.

This Wire Marker and Cable Marker Printer offer a high resolution print utilizing Thermal Transfer technology eliminating the need for costly, messy ink cartridges. Carriage loading and unloading operations are rapid; support templates are easily interchanged and as the pigment deposited from the ribbon dries instantaneously, printed Wire Markers are ready to be sleeved and Cable Labels can be tied on immediately after printing.

The Markingenius® MG2 covers a wide range of labels enables users to print labels for a wide range of applications including:

Wire Markers, Ferrule labels, Cable Markers, Terminal Block Labels, Push Button and Indicator labels, even a full range of self Adhesive lables.

Compact, quiet and fast, the Markingenius® MG2 Label and Wire Marker Printer may be conveniently located in an office, like any other peripheral. The Markingenius® MG2 prints all Windows True Type fonts in black or colours at high speed and will reproduce Clipart images, drawings, barcodes and bitmaps down to very small sizes.

Fast, economical and simple to use the Markingenius® MG2 will save you time and money.

Printer Selection: Medium to high volume printing, with a broad range of label media for Electrical and Switchboard labelling requirements.


Markingenius® MG2


Markingenius® MG2 

Wire and Cable Marking printer system. Marking Genius MGII printer.


The Rolly2000 is a high resolution, High speed Wire Marker printer.

Utilizing thermal transfer technology there is no need to worry about changing ink cartridges The Rolly2000 is specially designed for high volume printing of wire markers, cable markers, continuous Tape materials and self adhesive labels on a reel.

Robust and quiet, the Rolly2000 provides fast, reliable and intensive operation for an office or factory and is capable of printing 1000 Wire markers in less than two minutes!!  The Rolly2000 reel form printer is economical to run printing up to 140,000 Wire markers per ribbon making changing in cartridges a thing of the past.

The Rolly2000 prints all Windows True Type fonts in black or colours at high speed and as the pigment deposited from the ribbon dries instantaneously, printed materials are immediately ready to use making this printer an ideal choice for fast, economical cable and wire marking requirements. The large print area capacity of the Rolly2000 allows the unit to print continuous adhesive labels and rigid PVC Labels up to 2 Meters in length.

Supplied complete with our user friendly Marking Genius Software, allowing individual label text entry or complex importing from Excel or auto cad, further reducing your labelling time and effort.

This reel form printer is recommended for users with high volume Wire Marker, Cable Marker and Cable label requirements.

ROLLY 2000

Printer Demonstration View a short video clip of both the Markingenius MG2 & Rolly 2000 Printers showcasing the range of materials able to be printed on the units. (video approx 3 mins duration)


Rolly2000 Wire and Cable Marker printer. 

Cable Marking Systems

For identification of cables, tubes, conduit, components and equipment, the Manual Systems are pre-printed labels that provide flexibility to customize labels onsite or infield as required.
The Manual Systems are available as Push-In, Push-On Ring, Flat Ring and Snap-On Cable Markers.


Manual Markers

Manual Marker Clear Sleeves
Manual wire marking system.