Industrial and Engraved Labelling, Cable & Wire Markers

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 As the name suggests, at Industrial Labelling Solutions, labelling and identification solutions are our specialty.

Whether you are looking for Engraved Labels, Cable Labels, Cable Markers, Wire Markers or Marker
Plates, Industrial Labelling Solutions have the labelling and identification solutions for all your electrical applications along with Switchboard labelling, Instrumentation Panel identification, Control Panel and
Data Centre labelling just to name a few.
At Industrial Labelling Solutions we provide you with a choice......... 

OPTION 1:  Choose our Custom Print Service and remove the 'hassle factor' from your next labelling job.  
Let us print your industrial labels and have them delivered to your door!!

An extensive range of sizes, styles and colours of wire markers, cable labels, terminal 
labels, contactor & PLC labels, push button labels, marker plates, data plates, GPO labels, 
adhesive labels, the list goes on... are all able to be custom printed for your next project.
Engraved Acrylic (commonly referred to as engraved plastic or traffolyte type) labels and signs along 
with Stainless Steel cable tags, stainless steel labels, stainless steel marker plates and signs are 
all new additions to our range of labelling and identification solutions.   
Visit our 
Custom Print Products' page for more information on available solutions.


OPTION 2:  Choose to Do-it-Yourself using either our 'Print-on-Demand’ or Manual Marking Systems & Accessories.  Let us show you how you can save big $$$ on your future labelling costs, enabling you to print your own labels on site as required!!

Whatever option you choose, we guarantee that like our existing clients, you will be impressed with our extensive range of quality labelling and identification products, our cost effective solutions and the professional, prompt and reliable service you will receive every time you deal with us.

Thank you for visiting us at Industrial Labelling Solutions, we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with significant cost savings on your next labelling and identification project.

Kind regards,
Steve & Renée Wallis
Owner Operators