The Difference Between Aluminium and Stainless Steel Labels and Where to Use Them

Both aluminium and stainless steel labels are often used for industrial labels relating to load limit, safety information and machine rating information.When using a label consider what type of environment the label will be placed in, the strength that is needed for the label and the finish that you require.

Both aluminium and stainless steel labels are resistant to high temperatures, although stainless steel is more heat resistant than aluminium. Stainless steel and aluminium are both corrosion resistant. Aluminium, however, maycorrode when oxidised.

Aluminium Labels

When anodisedaluminium is wear and abrasion resistant
Aluminium labels can be decorated by surface orienting with inks. It is commonly decorated by dye printing after anodising. Aluminium can be etched and then paint filled or the dye screen printed.

Aluminium is a lighter metal than stainless steel but is not nearly as strong. It is suitable for machine rating labels, serial number tags, rulers, V.I.N plates, compliance plates, fire door rating plates business cards and more.

Stainless Steel Labels

Stainless steel labels are corrosion resistant and withstand chemicals, staining, and abrasion. They look good and are easy to clean. Stainless steel is made from manganese, copper, nickel iron and chromium. The chromium component ensures resistance to corrosion.

Stainless steel is a versatile hardy metal and has the added benefit of being recyclable. Markings will remain easy to read even under extreme weather conditions, in industriessuch as offshore or mining.

Stainless steel labels can be surface printed or screen printed and chemically etched for a higher quality and longer lasting result. Examples of uses for stainless steel labels are certification plates, bar-coded nameplates, compliance tags, V.I.N plates, award plaques, instruction panels and asset tags.

Although aluminium and stainless steel labels are often used for similar items, their look and results are different. Stainless steel labels are more hardy, more corrosion resistant and can withstand a higher temperature. Stainless steel labels are the best choice when information needs to remain readable long term.