Why You Should Invest in Wire and Cable Marker Printers and Manual Systems

Long lasting labels allow you to quickly and easily identify your wires and cables.

It can become problematic if you need to upgrade or move wires and cables and they are not labelled. What can start off as a small and simple wiring system can easily in time turn into a larger more complex one. It is always best to label your cables correctly from the start.

When you have a wire marker or cable marker printeron sitethere is no need to enlist the service of a printer or engraver. Wire markers or cable marker printers are time saving and convenient.

Reasons for having a cable printer or wire markers for your business include:

  • The devices are time saving
  • All labelling can be done on site
  • Printers are very easy to use. Limited training is needed
  • Having a printer is very convenient. New labels can be printed as soon as they are needed
  • Pricesare very affordable Key things to look for in a wire marker or cable marker printer
  • Legibility and permanence
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Warranty

Manual systems

A simple manual engraving system can be purchased at a relatively cheap price. Staff members will need some training in engraving. Manual devices are suitable when only a small amount of labelling needs to be done.

It is not advisable to hand write your wire markers. Handwriting can be hard to read. If using paper labels without holders the labels can tear or break. It then takes a long time to decipher your cabling system!

You will need an environment in which to keep your wire maker or cable marker printer. They generally do not take up a lot of room. Havingan in-house wire marker or cable marker printer will save you time and money. They are easy to use and there isan abundance of great products on the market.